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All you need for your cat!

Short Term or Long Term Stay

Whether you are going away for a night, having visitors to stay, off on holiday or moving to the beautiful Hawkes Bay, we can accommodate your cats boarding requirements. Choose from either the semi communal guest pods, self contained studios or individual luxury suites.

Secure, Luxurious Facilities

Every room has warm comfortable beds, music and toys to keep the boredom at bay.

The cat resort is surrounded by beautiful established trees with birds, rabbits, and chooks providing a lovely rural setting, promoting a stimulating and relaxing environment,

We offer a cat only facility, with no barking dogs to disturb your cats relaxing break.

Luxury Suites

We have five luxury suites that have been individually and tastefully decorated to give a welcoming, comfortable feel.

Spacious full height interior (2.1m x1.5m) with access to their own outdoor area (1.1m x 1.5m), the suites offer a more peaceful stay- ideal for the shy or elderly cats, or those who want to keep family members together.

Large beds with comfortable blankets/sheepskins, furnished with plenty of toys, climbing trees, and scatch pads, along with sunny shelves to watch the birds and other wildlife. The luxury suites also come with webcam access for owners to view their cat during their stay.


We have 10 self-contained, full height studios which all have two large shelves and plenty of beds and toys. A mesh window with pull-down blinds for sunbathing and bird watching during the day and keeping the warmth in at night. Fully insulated and commercial heater to ensure warmth in winter.

Guest Pod Semi-Communal Rooms

We have two semi communal areas in the main cat resort each with 10-12 guest pods for overnight relaxation.

Each guest pod is designed from marine fibreglass with a clear perspex door, each pod has a sheepskin mat, fleece blanket, and igloo bed along with a personal litter tray and food/drink bowls and toys.

Each guest pod is 770cm wide, 1 metre high, and 820 cm deep, with the ability to combine units to double, triple or quads for the bigger family that would like to share.

During the day the cats have the option to mix and mingle and enjoy the indoor and outdoor play areas, furnished with plenty of toys, climbing trees and scratch pads, along with sunny shelves to watch the birds and other wildlife.

We have a separate semi communal area away from the main cat resort with wider pods perfect for our special need guests such as kittens and the elderly.

Guests have access to the playroom with plenty of fresh air and a commercial heater to keep everyone warm in winter.

This area also has a large self-contained apartment suited for multiple cat families or our 3 legged guests.

Quality Meals Provided and Monitored

Our guests have access to top-quality nutritious food 24 hours a day. All rooms are serviced at least twice daily when water bowls are replenished and food bowls topped up. We monitor how much our guests eat and have various options available to entice even the fussiest of eaters. Quality Royal Canin dry food is available during the day and Royal Canin wet food for evening meals. There is an A La Cat Mini Bar available for our more discerning guests, and other branded food available for our fussy eaters.

On Call 24 Hour Vet

We are very fortunate to have a fantastic Vet Clinic that offers 24 hour on-call service only 5 minutes away in the unlikely event that your cat requires medical attention.

Picture Texts/Email Updates

If you would like updates on how your family member is settling in, we can provide either text pictures or emails to put your mind at ease. We also give regular updates on our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages.

Chaffeur Service

Pick Up/Drop Off services are available, as well as Airport pick up/drop off.

We can also arrange vet appointments and professional grooming on request.

Sleeping Cat
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