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Fees and Charges:


Our rates are charged on a fully inclusive basis, including room service, food (excluding prescription diets), water, cat litter, heating, toys, basic grooming and entertainment.


Boarding fees are charged on a per day basis, including day of check in and day of check out, there are no part day charges.


At the time of booking a 50% deposit/booking fee is required to confirm your booking.


The booking fee is non-refundable, a credit for future bookings may be given if space is rebooked to another cat.


Payments are GST inclusive and must be made in full by cash, eftpos, paypal or direct banking before your cat leaves our resort.


Due to the demand for accommodation during holiday periods we reserve the right to charge you for the full period booked should you collect your cat earlier than planned.Throughout Christmas/January a minimum stay of 7 days applies, no discounts will apply for these dates.

Holiday Surcharge-Xmas/January, school holidays and public holiday weekends incur a $5 per day/per cat surcharge.


Gold Card & Loyalty Club Members are eligible for a 10% discount, or long term discount, not both. No discounts apply for Xmas/January, school holidays or public holiday weekends.

Long Term Stays over 21 days are eligible for a 10% discount, and alternative payment arrangements may apply. No discounts apply for Xmas/January, school holidays or public holiday weekends.

Our cat resort will require at least one phone/mobile number of a friend, relative or another person in the event of any travel delays or unforeseen circumstances.


Cat Resort Hours-Pick up/drop off:


Monday-Saturday 830am - 10am and 430pm - 6pm


Sunday  430pm - 6pm.

An out of hours fee of $25 will apply for all pick ups/drop offs pre-arranged outside of these hours.


Closed Sunday mornings, Easter Sunday,Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment to view our resort if you would like to see our accommodation before confirming your booking.



Cat Health:


All cats must have a current veterinary certificate produced on arrival or scanned/emailed prior to arrival.

Vaccinations need to be within the last 12 months.

Please do not be offended if we can not accept your cat if you turn up without a certificate-this is for the protection of all our guests.


We reserve the right to refuse any cat that in our opinion, appears to be suffering from any infectious or contagious disease.


All cats over the age of six months must be neutered/spayed.


All cats must be regularly treated for worms (three monthly)and flea treatments should be administered two weeks before coming to the cat resort. (Frontline/Broadline and supermarket brands are no longer acceptable as they are not effective flea treatments)


We reserve the right to check and treat your cat for fleas and worms to prevent an infestation in the cat resort.


We reserve the right to refer cats for veterinary attention should this, in our opinion, be necessary.


We will endeavour to contact the owner or representative if time permits, otherwise any treatment deemed necessary will be carried out without the owners consent. The owner shall be responsible for all costs incurred.


All cats must be transported to and from the resort in an appropriate cat carrier/cage.


Our cat resort will administer medication to all manageable cats. However, should a cat risk causing harm to our staff or to itself whilst medication is being administered, making it impossible to treat the cat, then it will be necessary for the cat to be cared for by a vet, either at our resort, or at the vet clinic. Any vet fees incurred in this situation will be charged to the cat owner prior to release.


Grooming will be carried out as necessary, however, our cat resort will not be responsible for grooming any cat that gets distressed or risks causing harm to staff whilst being groomed.




All possible care and attention is given to every cat in our care.


Responsibility can only be accepted at the owner’s risk.


The cat resort owners do not accept liability for illness, disease or accident.


All personal belongings left at our cat resort are left at the owner's risk.


Authority must be given to release your cat to another person.


Failure to Collect:

Any cat not collected within 14 days of the date on which they are due to depart, will be re-homed at our discretion.  If pick up is late, the cat will not necessarily be in the room they stayed in due to other bookings arriving. They will need to be kept either in the isolation room or other arrangements made by ourselves.



Any unpaid accounts will be transferred to a collection agency and any fees incurred passed on to the client.



We occasionally take photos of your cat for text/email/facebook updates and some other marketing materials.

If you object to this please let us know at time of check in.


Booking with Whiskers and Paws acknowledges acceptance of all these Terms and Conditions.




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